So it’s Monday morning and you’ve already gracefully swan dove into this weeks workload. You have a solid To-Do list for the upcoming week and shook off the blissful lull of the weekend. Tuesday comes, and you’ve managed to keep a steady pace so far and are feeling pretty accomplished and optimistic. Then comes the typical hump day afternoon on Wednesday. Suddenly, that list seems way longer than it did when you first wrote it on your Hello Kitty Sticky Pad Organizer. The phone rings and it’s a reminder for an upcoming appointment tomorrow afternoon. Woops. Completely forgot about that one and you already scheduled a meeting during that time. Guess you just have to cancel.

With our busy lives today, having to cancel an appointment is just a part of it. So when can you more likely expect a cancellation in order to plan accordingly? By knowing this information, you can easily know how to fill appointments.

As the practitioner or service provider, sometimes this happens more often than you’d like. The above example is a pretty solid description of the general trend in cancellations. Most people are more productive and on top of their obligations in the beginning of the week. Appointments are more often met on days like Monday and Tuesday. Since most businesses provide some sort of reminder services a day or two before the expected appointment date, it is much more common for the rate of cancellations to increase throughout the work week approaching the weekend. This is just the way of our busy world, but having this knowledge allows you to plan accordingly.

Next In Line provides a service to businesses that easily and conveniently helps fill your missed appointment time slots, even when a last minute cancellation occurs.

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