Cancellations last minute can generate stress, chaos, and lost revenue. Losing out on money can be frustrating, and we can provide you a solution to that. Here are five proven ways to reduce your last minute cancellations, and to even grow your practice.

1. Expand Your Hours

It may seem like risky business to provide a later closing time because of the cost to be open, but it will be worth it. Most people tend to be busy during normal business hours, and giving patients a convenient after hours time slot can guarantee they will show up.

2. Curb the Conversation

Sometimes a patient cancels just because they don’t have the willingness to come in. An effective way to react when speaking with someone wanting to cancel or reschedule, is responding in a specific way. Instead of just succumbing to the cancellation, emphatically ask, “Is everything okay?”. This opens up a conversation instead of just saying yes and hanging up. It also shows them you care.

3. Stay On Time

There is nothing worse than a room full of impatient patients (Clever, we know). Giving them a negative experience can lead them to dreading the next time they have to visit.

4. One-Three Month Rule

When a patient cancels, remind them that it may not be a while before they can get back in. It can steer them away from rescheduling, and help them consider not cancelling altogether.

5. Virtual Waitlist

Of course there are programs out there that deal with this issue head on. We offer a program that can integrate with most scheduling softwares and give you a solution to this money pit. Our program alerts your patients of when there are last minute openings in the schedule. It fills slots in minutes, and gives them a better patient experience.

To learn more about our virtual waitlist software or to schedule a demo, visit us here.

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