Beauty is not just a thing of luxury in our society, but an attribute we have come to appreciate as a people. With that being said, salons and spas all offer products, services, and treatments designed to help relaxation, relieve stress, and improve things like skin health. One of the biggest services we look for is a good hair cut, men and women alike. So on top of receiving a great new look and tools to reach a desired complexion, what else can your salon do to increase clients satisfaction and ensure that their experience is unique? What makes for a great salon client experience? These easy steps can lead to growing your salon business.

1. Innovative Design

The salon and spa experience is something that should be unique for its customer, including a salon’s own aesthetics. As a place of passion and artistry, having unique decor or well chosen colors for the interior help promote a sense of interest, calm, and familiarity. Color is an important subconscious factor in the feel of a space, so try warm colors and maybe even get creative with using things like colored glass panels for separating areas like storage. This will make it seem less cluttered in anyway and more appealing as a necessary portion of space in the salon. Don’t be afraid to change up your paint designs every now and again to keep the salon experience fresh and exciting.

2. Custom Salon Experience

Both men and women often return to the same stylist or barber, not only because they are satisfied with the end results of their latest hair style, but because they enjoy the personal experience. Personality plays into what a salon offers its clients, as each employee should be personable, knowledgeable, and skillful while also all cultivating a culture within the salon that strives to better itself, as well as each of its individual experiences with a client. Don’t be afraid to be you as you are part of the brand and should help create a positive experience. Learn about your client and share bits about yourself in conversation. This makes for a unique client experience.

3. Extra Care

Offer little extras like a menu of complimentary teas for waiting clients. Safely use specifically chosen scented candles or diffusers to create a pleasant fragrance that clients will come to associate with your salon. Or get creative and try something of your own that is low cost, but with the idea of that little extra touch that may very well differentiate you from competition.

4. Rewards Programs

It never hurts to establish some sort of rewards program that recognizes loyal clients. This could simply be an a way of keeping track of their visits and accruing points that may be used to redeem discounts on products or services. Perhaps you could offer something like a free pedicure after so many haircuts to introduce a client to another service you offer they may not have sought out already, increasing the likelihood the will want to use it again in the future. When clients return, your salon becomes successful.

5. Culture and Brand

All of the components of your salon’s experience factor in to your own brand and culture. Employees should be chosen well and trained thoroughly not only in their craft, but in understanding what ideal your brand is trying to achieve. Not only should employees have knowledge, but be willing to share tips and information about certain products, styles, or practices with clients. This shows that not only are they on top of their industry, but truly want to help clients achieve their own personal beauty and relaxation goals. Generic hair cutteries or spas often lack an overarching feel of unity. With each employee contributing a piece to the puzzle in a personal way, tied together with the vision of your salon, will help create a memorable and unique salon experience that furthers your brand and gives clients a reason to come back for more than just a great look.

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