It’s mid day and everything has been going per usual at the office. The 2 o’clock appointment has already been seen and is in the process of the final check out. You glance at the clock and it reads 2:45 p.m. Wasn’t there supposed to be a 2:30 appointment? Perhaps they’re running late. 3 comes around, there is still no one to be found and the 3:15 should be showing up to check in. Another classic no-call, no-show.

Time, labor, and resources are wasted with a missed appointment. This is pretty obvious, but do no-shows and last minute cancellations only reach as far as your business’s pockets? No-shows seem to inevitably happen, but they often offset much more than business owners, clients, and patients may realize.

No-shows affect everyone involved on all levels, including the staff, business owners, clients, and especially the patients awaiting medical care. It becomes much more difficult to properly schedule employees as you may base labor on an average of how many clients or patients you can regularly expect for a given day. When you experience no-shows, suddenly your business or office is over staffed, possibly leading you to pull employees off of regular duties to try to reach clients or patients on a wait list in order to fill in the schedule. Or in the reverse, you may be understaffed with the expectancy of no-shows or last minute cancellations, leading to longer wait times, disgruntled employees, and less-than optimal experiences for clients and patients.

So not only do no-shows and cancellations affect your pockets and employees, but they also take away from the experiences patients and clients could be having. There are often long wait lists for services or medical appointments and a no-show means that someone else who could have been helped has to continue to wait. This can also cause an increase in things like the cost of health care when would-be patients don’t show or otherwise wait longer, leading to possibly worse conditions and more expensive treatment.

Because scheduling becomes a more complicated task, appointments are often booked even further in advance, which may also cause a higher potential of no-shows.  There are ways to try to lessen the impact of no-shows like cancellation policies, reminder services, or some sort of loyalty program to offer incentive for patients and clients to arrive on time and keep appointments. For any businesses dealing with the cost of no-shows and last minute cancellations, request a free demo of our amazing and affordable service.

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