Here’s to all the vet clinics that go above and beyond the norm.

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care opened in June 2017 by a team of vets in Boca Raton, FL. Their mission centers around the fact that pets are part of the family, which means they should receive pet care that reflects that relationship. Their all-encompassing breadth of services offered makes them a “one-stop shop” for any needs their patients may have. The quality of the services offered means patients don’t have to think twice about the type of care they are getting.

Clinics like Healthy Pets are becoming more and more necessary in a time where pets are more popular than ever – especially dogs, who are just now starting to be utilized to their full potential as service animals. Additionally, pet owners are now of the digital native generation, value convenience and technology employed for the purpose of said convenience. On the services side, Healthy Pets offers services to cover the entirety of a pet’s life cycle. From birth until the day that Fido passes, there is no need for patients to go anywhere else in Boca for different stages of their pet’s life. The types of services are impressive: Healthy Pets offers unique treatments as digital imaging, cold laser therapy, and senior dog care all under one roof.

Outside of vet services, they even offer grooming and boarding. Want more convenience? Their concierge house call service makes it so if Spike or Fluffy doesn’t want to get in the car that day, the vets can come to you! The mobile vet space has quickly become relevant as people become more comfortable with spending extra money on pet care, and lead busy lives that keep them from being able to take their pet to the vet at the drop of a hat.

On the technology side, Healthy Pets has also made it easy for their clients, both new and existing, to book appointments online by using Next In Line’s web-based scheduling service. In addition to being able to point-and-click to book appointments in seconds, their clients can also subscribe to Healthy Pets’ virtual waitlist to get notified of new appointments the moment they open up.

Say a cancellation or reschedule occurs, their patients who subscribe will receive a text or an email notifying them that this new appointment has opened up. In two clicks through the text/email, a patient can reserve the spot for themselves, even if it is the same day! All in all, this is a great vet clinic in Florida that cares immensely about the needs of both the pets and their owners.

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