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Extra-Label Drug Use: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for approval of prescription drugs. The manufacturer undergoes a time-consuming and expensive process to get a drug approved for use in a particular species at a particular dosing regimen. The company must prove that the drug is safe and effective when used in this manner. This is what is then put on the drug label. If this company wishes to get this same drug approved for other species or dosing regimens, they must repeat this process. Oftentimes, there is not enough financial incentive for companies to do this, limiting the choices of FDA-approved drugs available to veterinarians and their patients. To address this hardship, the FDA allows veterinarians to prescribe drugs in an extra-label manner. Extra-label drug use is using a drug in a manner not in accordance with the FDA approval. This includes using the drug in a different species, or in the approved species at a different dosing schedule than is stated on the FDA label.  Your pet’s doctor at Marvel Veterinary Services, pLLC may prescribe a drug in an extra-label fashion. When doing so, while not officially FDA-approved, she will be following dosing regimens that have been established in the veterinary community.