FAQ For Organizations & Users

What is an organization?
An organization is any business that relies on appointments or reservations to meet with its customers and thus misses out on revenue whenever there is a gap in schedules. This includes those in the medical field, veterinarians, salons and spas, dentists, and many more.
What is Next in Line?
Next In Line provides an easy to use, virtual waitlist. This enables organizations to fill any gaps in their schedules quickly. Simultaneously, the waitlist allows the patients or customers of an organization to hear about last minute openings without spending time on the phone with staff.
How does it work?
Your patients or customers want to get an appointment sooner or schedule something at the last minute. They sign up for notifications online. When something opens up, they will be notified and can instantly reserve that opening.
Does it integrate with my scheduling system?
While we do work with many of scheduling systems, there are still some with which we don’t integrate. Please reach out to us and ask about your specific system and we’ll be happy to help!
Does it work?
Yes one medical practice has filled over 30 appointments during several months. It’s easy for everyone to use.
How do I sign up?
On our home page, hit ‘register my business’. It will walk you through the steps to get signed up and started.
What information do you gather?
Our clients only need your name, phone number, and email address so that they can notify you of openings and know who has reserved them. Next In Line does not keep or use this information for any other purposes.

Effectively Fill Appointments

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The key is communication. Emphasize to your customers how important it is to keep their appointment. Sending out reminders is an easy way to keep your business on top of their mind and it is so simple! Another tip is to make it easy for customers to re-book. Having a user-friendly scheduling software paired with a personable customer experience can make all the difference.

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