Want to Fill No-Shows & Cancellations?

Next In Line’s virtual waitlist software offers an affordable solution to not only the business owner, but also to independent contractors who work there as well. We have helped beauticians, tattoo artists, massage therapists, hairdressers, and many others replace these no-shows and cancelled appointments.

Affordable Solution

As an independent contractor, you may fear commitment to a service like ours. Our assurance to you – we have geared the software to be affordable to big companies, as well as the little guys. Plans go as low as $10/month!

Personal Branding

If you want to develop your brand, this is the way to do it. Using Next In Line helps to define you as a professional and gives a little extra by offering your clients more than the average joe.

Improved Service

When you offer Next In Line’s product to your clients, you are offering them better customer service. When an opening comes up, you give your client instant notice. It’s convenient and replaces no-shows/cancellations you have experienced in the past.

How Does It Work?

Every client that you have gets added to your Next In Line account. They can log in at any point to see if you have any openings available. Even further, when you post an opening, all of your clients will get alerted via SMS or email. They simply reply back to instantly book an appointment with you. Voila! You can reduce no-shows and cancellations with the touch of a button.

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