Online scheduling through a service like Next In Line allows healthcare facilities a great deal of flexibility in addition to increasing patient satisfaction. But, why should you offer online scheduling at your practice?

Patients Want the Ability to Schedule Online

A recent survey of patients found that nearly 70% of patients and pet parents actually prefer the option of online scheduling instead of calling an office. While many of your clients want to schedule appointments online and free up your receptionist’s phone line, only 17% have the chance to do so. Optimizing the patient experience starts with catering to patient preferences, and this preference is loud and clear—clients want to schedule on their time online.

People Want to See You as Soon as Possible

While some patients who utilize online scheduling will schedule appointments weeks in advance, many patients want to schedule same-day or next-day appointments that might not otherwise be available. Out of the group of patients who already have access to online scheduling, 26% of appointments were for same-day or next-day appointments. Without an intuitive scheduling service that allows you to fill those same day and last minute openings, you will be writing off that revenue (and the 26% of patients who would love to fill those spots).

Online Scheduling Works for You 24/7

When is your office open? It’s safe bet your clinic is only open for 8 or 9 hours during the work week, and not 24/7. Online scheduling is a way to keep your front desk open all day long, every day. While that availability might not seem too notable to you, keep in mind that over a third of patients using online scheduling services are booking appointments after the office has closed for the day.

Patients Expect Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is no longer something that only tech-focused practices offer. Instead, it’s rapidly becoming the standard. One report with projections for 2019 estimated that:

  • 66% of practices, facilities and systems will offer online scheduling
  • 64% of people will use online scheduling to make appointments
  • Over 985 million appointments will be scheduled online
  • Online scheduling will be worth over $3.2 billion in saved time and missed appointments

Boost Patient Satisfaction Levels with Next In Line

Next In Line is an innovative scheduling service that enables your practice to be even more efficient and profitable, while freeing your staff up to spend more time welcoming and caring for clients and patients. no-show appointments in seconds. Next In Line’s easy to use system integrates with your existing scheduling software to offer a seamless and straightforward experience for your patients and your office staff.

To learn more about our offerings and see how we can assist your practice with efficient scheduling, get in touch by requesting a demo.