Pets have become an important part of many families and are treated as a family member. It’s understood that you’d want to celebrate with them during the year, just as you do with the rest of your family members. With our aggregated list of holidays for pets you can celebrate your pets all year long! If you missed any of these important days in 2019, it’s okay. Fortunately, a lot of them repeat each year. We’ve got you covered with all the relevant holidays for 2020. 

Check out the following pet holidays list for 2020:

Pet Holidays for January 2020

January 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

There are four observances that last the entire month of January which include:

  • Walk Your Pet Month
  • National Train Your Dog Month
  • Unchain A Dog Month
  • Adopt A Rescued Birth Month

Special Days

  • January 2nd: Happy “MEW” Year for Cars Day and National Pet Travel Safety Day
  • January 14th: National Dress-Up Your Pet Day  
  • January 21st: Squirrel Appreciation Day
  • January 22nd: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
  • January 24th: Change A Pet’s Life Day
  • January 29th: Seeing Eye Guide Dog Anniversary

Pet Holidays for February 2020

February 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • Dog Training Education Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • Pet Dental Health Month

Weeklong Events

  • February 23rd to February 29th: National Justice For Animals Week 
  • From February 7th to February 14th: Have A Heart For Chained Dogs Week

Special Days

  • February 2nd is Groundhog Day
  • February 3rd is National Golden Retriever Day
  • February 10th to February 11th: The 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show in Manhattan, NY. This annual event is a two-day televised show where different breeds of dog compete to see which one comes out on top. It is held at the infamous Madison Square Garden in New York City, broadcast on FS1 from 7pm-11pm EST. 
  • February 14th: Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • February 20th: Love Your Pet Day (Just 6 days after Valentine’s Day)
  • February 22nd: Walk Your Dog Day
  • February 23rd: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  • February 25th: The World Spay Day. This is held each year on the last Tuesday in February
  • February 27th: Polar Bear Day

Pet Holidays for March 2020

March 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • March 2020 is Adopt A rescued Guinea Pig Month

Week Long Celebrations

  • March 2nd to 9th: Professional Pet Sitters Week
  • March 5th to 8th: The world’s largest and most prominent dog show, Crufts, is organized by the Kennel Club and held in Birmingham, England. It features almost 28,000 dogs. 

Special Days

  • March 3rd: If pets had thumbs day. This is one for all the creative pet owners out there. 
  • March 17th: the day of St. Gertrude of Nivelles who is also known as the patron saint of cats.
  • March 23rd: National Puppy Day and Cuddle your kitten day
  • March 28th: Respect Your Cat Day

Pet Holidays for April 2020

April 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • Adopt a greyhound month
  • Canine fitness month
  • National pet first aid awareness month
  • Prevent Lyme disease in Dogs
  • April is also the National Pet Month in the United Kingdom
  • Prevention of animal cruelty month

Week Long Celebrations

  • April 7th to April 13th: National Dog Bite Prevention Week
  • April 17th to April 24th: National Pet ID Week

Special Days

  • April 6th: National Siamese Cat Day
  • April 10th: National Hug Your Dog Day
  • April 11th: National Pet Day
  • April 21st: Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
  • April 23rd: National Lost Dog Awareness Day
  • April 25th: World Veterinary Day 
  • April 26th: National Kids and Pets Day and National Pet Parents Day
  • April 29th: International Guide Dog Day
  • April 30th: National Tabby Cat Day, Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and National Therapy Animal Day

Pet Holidays for May 2020

May 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

There are three events in May, showcased by National Pet Month: 

Week Long Celebrations

There are three weeklong events in May, which are all May 3rd to the 10th

Special Days

  • May 1st: The National Purebred Dog Day
  • May 3rd: National Specially Abled Pets Day and Mayday for Mutts
  • May 9th: National Dog Mom Day
  • May 14th: International Chihuahua Appreciation Day
  • May 20th: National Rescue Dog Day
  • May 23rd: World Turtle Day
  • May 30th: The last pet holiday of May is International Hug Your Cat Day

Pet Holidays for June 2020

June 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • National Pet Preparedness Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Zoo & Aquarium Month
  • National Foster a Pet Month

Weeklong Events

  • June 1st to June 7th: National Pet Appreciation Week 

Special Days

  • June 4th: Hug Your Cat Day
  • June 9th: World Pet Memorial Day 
  • June 15th: National Lobster Day 
  • June 17th: Take Your Cat To Work Day 
  • June 19th: National Garfield The Cat Day 
  • June 21st: Dog Party Day 
  • June 24th: Cat World Domination Day 
  • June 26th: Take Your Dog To Work Day 

Pet Holidays for July 2020

July 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

Two pet events are celebrated in the month of July:

  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month
  • National Doghouse Repair Month

Special Days

  • July 1st: ID Your Pet Day
  • July 11th: All-American Pet Photo Day
  • July 15th: National Pet Fire Safety Day
  • July 21st: National Mutt Day – This same holiday is also celebrated on 2nd December

Pet Holidays for August 2020

August 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • Rawgust 

Week Long Celebrations

August 2nd to August 8th: there are two events that go this week:

  • Give a Dog a Bone Week
  • International Assistance Dog Week.

Special Days

  • August 5th: Work Like a Dog Day
  • August 10th: Spoil Your Dog Day
  • August 17th: Black Cat Appreciation Day and International Non-Profit Day
  • August 26th: National Dog Day

Pet Holidays for September 2020

September 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • Pet-Sitter Education Month
  • National Pet Insurance Month

Week Long Celebrations

  • September 20th to 27th is National Dog Week, as well as Deaf Pet Awareness Week. 

Special Days

  • September 1st: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
  • September 13th: National Pet Memorial Day and National Hug Your Hound Day
  • September 19th: Puppy Mill Awareness Day and AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day
  • September 23rd: Dogs in Politics Day

Pet Holidays for October 2020

October 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • National Animal Safety and Protection Month
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • National Pet Wellness Month

Week Long Celebrations

  • October 1st to October 6th: National Walk Your Dog Week 

Special Holidays 

  • October 1st: National Black Dog Day and National Fire Pup Day 
  • October 4th: Word Pet Day and World Animal Day
  • October 14th: Pet Obesity Awareness Day
  • October 16th: Global Cat Day
  • October 21st: Reptile Awareness Day
  • October 27th: National Black Cat Day and National Pit-bull Awareness Day
  • October 29th: National Cat Day

Pet Holidays for November 2020

November 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • National Senior Pet Month
  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Weeklong Events

  • November 8th to November 14th: National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week 

Special Days

  • November 1st: National Cook for Your Pets Day 
  • November 7th: National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
  • November 21st: National Adoption Day 

Pet Holidays for December 2020

December 2020 Pet holidaysMonth Long Events

  • December is National Cat Lovers’ Month

Special Days

  • December 2nd: National Mutt Day 
  • December 14th: Monkey Day
  • December 15th: National Cat Herders Day

These are the most prominent pet holidays that will be highlighted throughout 2020. If you are planning on taking your dog on a camp trip to celebrate a holiday with him/her, Petside says it’s important to know how to do so properly. When all the details are considered, a camping trip with your pup can be one of the best thing you’ve done together. Some of these are worldwide holidays, events, and observances, while others might be specific to a specific country or region. In some areas and cultures, certain animals carry more significance than others. As one example, in China the Giant Panda is of great significance, while the Cow is sacred in India. Therefore, the day you celebrate a specific holiday with your pet might not be the same day as someone in another part of the world