In the classroom, teachers are always looking for teachable moments. The same thing is true for medical professionals performing patient education. When presented with an opportunity in which patients are ready to learn, whether it’s in a hospital bed or an exam room, your practice should be ready to educate. By getting the right educational materials to the right patient at the right time, both the patient experience and patient outcome will be improved.

Get Creative

Patient education can take a variety of forms, and the most successful mediums are those that are well-matched to individual patients and preferences. Do you have many young adult patients? Instead of providing them with bland brochures detailing what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, try directing them to a podcast or YouTube video series. Since there is so much quality content available online, your practice does not necessarily need to invest anything other than time into uncovering excellent patient education resources.

Responsive Patient Education

On-demand patient education that is accessible via an online portal is another popular solution for improving the patient experience while also increasing the likelihood of positive health outcomes. In many cases, patients want to feel like someone is paying attention to them. If a patient visits your practice concerned about a cholesterol level on a recent bloodwork panel, offering them access to a series of heart-healthy cooking videos via a follow-up email lets them know that you heard and understood the concern and that you care about helping the patient to achieve optimal health.

Keep It Simple

Unfortunately, many practices still rely on outdated and overwhelming packets of information to educate patients at the conclusion of a visit. While you should still offer patients the 6-page packet explaining potential side effects of a new medication, you should also take the time to clearly explain what they should expect. What will the medication make them feel like? What are the most common side effects? What should a patient do if a side effect occurs? Communication is key to a positive patient experience.

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