Keeping in touch with clients is important. Nowadays, 96% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind, and you would think that means phone calls are the preferred way to keep clients in the loop. Phone calls are still important, but veterinary practices who want to stay competitive in the digital age need to do more. Top veterinary practices are staying connected with clients by adopting SMS reminders.

Here are 4 ways Next In Line’s automated SMS reminder system can benefit your practice.

1. Clients Prefer Texts

Busy clients don’t always have time to spare for a phone call. The last thing you want is to make appointment reminders a chore for the client, which could tempt them to start ignoring calls from your clinic… not good! A text message, on the other hand, is less intrusive than a phone call but just as reliable. A 2014 Gallup study showed that texting is the preferred communication method for more than half of Americans under age 50. Next In Line makes automated text and email reminders simple to set up and customize – messages can easily be tailored to the appointment type and sent out in the interval of your choice.

2. Clear Confirmations

Clients might not have time to return a reminder call from your clinic during business hours, which could leave you with numerous unconfirmed appointments. Next In Line’s SMS reminders let clients quickly confirm appointments by texting back, and the software automatically updates your practice management system. Instead of waiting on hold, confirmation is instant and easy for clients and staff alike. The best part? By leveraging automated text reminders you’ll reduce the odds of no-shows. SMS reminders are a powerful tool to prevent schedule disruption and lost revenue because of clients forgetting their appointments.

3. Save Time

Next In Line integrates smoothly with your existing practice management software, so you’ll be able to automate tasks that would otherwise demand a sizable number of labor hours. Automated veterinary appointment reminders free your staff to focus on providing the very best care to patients and clients. Just as exciting is Next In Line’s virtual waitlist feature, which lets clients sign up for notifications of last-minute openings.

4. Connect to Clients

Next In Line is more than veterinary scheduling software – it acts as an extension of your team, so your clinic can be fully responsive to the needs of your clients and their pets. Building strong relationships with clients is key to customer loyalty and the success of your practice. By using SMS to connect to clients in the midst of their busy lives, Next In Line helps you establish your clinic as a reliable partner in the care of their pets.

Keep in mind that while almost everyone has a cellphone, not everyone uses a smartphone with internet access. The best approach is to use a combination of communication tools: phone calls, emails, and SMS. It may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn how to make veterinary appointment reminders easy – try Next In Line today!