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It all started in a bar…

While the Baltimore Orioles were winning their first division title since 1997, Nick Kurgansky and a few colleagues had an idea. Sitting at a bar in Federal Hill before the Orioles’ first playoff game, Nick and his associates were discussing the inefficiencies and wasted time around appointment cancellations and the lack of offices being able to book open appointments. They had heard stories from a local dermatologist about cancellations. On any given day, that solo practitioner doctor experiences 3-5 cancellations or no-shows. At the same time, he has a handful of patients calling at 9 AM when his staff begins answering the phones. What’s the theme of those calls? Patients are looking for last minute appointments or to get in sooner as they don’t want to wait several weeks, or sometimes months, for an appointment.

Now our CEO, Nick Kurgansky could not believe how often people cancelled, or that so many people called looking to fill those cancellations every day. During that fall evening in Baltimore, the group realized that if this was an issue for one doctor, it was most likely experienced by other practitioners as well. It was then that the concept for Next In Line was born.

After researching what solutions existed to fill last minute appointment cancellations, we discovered there wasn’t anything adequate to fill this need. Next In Line was officially founded in 2015 in response to this growing desire from practitioners to handle and fill last minute cancellations.

Since then, we have taken our time to build a user friendly, unique virtual wait-list that enables staff to notify patients and clients of last minute openings, whether due to cancellations, no-shows, or other reasons. We help you to book open appointments through this technology we have created that we are still expanding on. We have collaborated and partnered with some amazing clients to evolve our product. We are continually providing new features to make the scheduling process easier for staff and their clients.

As we have grown and heard about similar issues in other industries, Next In Line has become a solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of other businesses, not just medical professionals. We have worked with veterinarians, cleaning companies, dentists, tattoo artists, physical therapists, salons, and the list goes on … to create customized and tailored solutions. We are proud to work with clients throughout the U.S. and internationally, helping their staff and customers streamline the appointment scheduling process. We look forward to adding to our list of partners and offering Next In Line’s services to many more businesses!

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