About Us

Next In Line was founded to solve a business problem.

Our founder and CEO, Nick Kurgansky, was commissioned by his father Dennis, a successful dermatologist, to help him care for more patients. Dennis’ patients often had to wait more than 3-months to see him, far too long for a worrying skin condition. At the same time, last-minute cancellations due to the hectic lives of his patients left appointments unfilled.

To address this conundrum, the Next In Line Digital Waitlist was born.

The Digital Waitlist instantly notifies potential patients about newly available appointments. No longer do potential patients need to constantly check-in for openings and no longer does staff need to make outbound reach outs. Appointments were filled seamlessly, quickly, and with minimal effort, allowing Dennis to treat more patients and address their conditions effectively. And simplifying matters for his staff.

But, caring solutions for pets didn’t often come with the same level of attention to detail.

Nick, an owner of two beloved cats, quickly realized that providers of pet care, health, and wellness services could benefit from top-of-the-line solutions to help them both improve their businesses and provide a more elevated experience for pet owners.
So Nick partnered with his friend Carson Wright, our CTO, a farm dweller, and fellow animal lover, on a quest to develop a catalog of solutions fully dedicated to animals. With their stable of dogs, cats, horses, chickens, cattle, goats, snakes, spiders, rats, rabbits, and even a bearded dragon, the two experience firsthand the wide variety of services given to their animals. They came to truly understand how difficult providing those services can be at times for practitioners and how stressful it can be for pet parents.

At Next In Line, our solutions are developed with the pet at heart, the pet parents in mind, and the businesses’ needs in focus.

Today, we have a team of animal lovers dedicated to transforming the way the pet industry operates by providing a portfolio of innovative tools that make a positive impact on the lives of animals, their loving owners, and those practitioners that care for them.

Inspirations (a few of the >10 million...)

Key members

                 Ken                                        Nick                                       Carson                                     Kyle                                         Mac                                       Laura                  Co-founder & Advisor            Co-founder & CEO                Co-founder & CTO                            CRO                          Director of Research           Director, Inv. Relations

Our Mission​

To provide a portfolio of innovative tools built upon the unique needs of pet owners, pets, patients, clients, businesses and those practitioners that provide all-loving care to animals. Our mission is to save time, stress and money for all involved and improve experiences for every person, pet, and business.

remove manual data entry
improve the pet owner experience

Our Values

Customer Service

Customers always come first. Period. You will remain a customer because we won’t settle for a sub-par product or experience


We are ethical, transparent and honest. It is our goal to earn and keep your trust and business


We are passionate about our products and services so that you can be passionate about yours

our team

Our Team

Next In Line is proud to maintain a creative, team-driven culture dedicated to listening to customer feedback and providing a product that is exciting and intuitive to use. Our suite of services can be customized to fit the needs of any business and allow you to focus on running your business instead of dealing with the stress that last-minute cancellations bring.