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General Vet Practice Scheduling

General and Specialty Veterinary Practice Scheduling

A recent survey shows that 70% of people prefer booking their services online, but over 50% of appointments are still booked over the phone.

Next In Line is here to help your veterinary practice implement online booking for pet parents. Our real-time online booking platform can be configured to your hospital’s specific needs, accessed from any device, and keeps your front desk open 24/7.

By specifying what services clients can book and what time slots should be open to them, you don’t have to worry about double bookings or pet owners booking the wrong appointments.

Let Next In Line save your staff time while making things even more convenient for your clients!

Housecall and Mobile Veterinary Practice Scheduling

Do you spend a lot of time mapping out your daily appointment schedule to avoid driving back and forth across your service area?

Next In Line’s online scheduling platform for mobile veterinarians is a great solution for you. Simply enter in your service area and your personal scheduling preferences and let our system do the rest. We automatically filter your available time slots based on where a prospective client lives and where you have other appointments. From there, we act as your personal assistant to schedule clients and capture all their demographic information.

This saves you time on the phone, frees you up from administrative tasks, and allows you to focus even more on treating animals!

Mobile Veterinary Practice
Spay Neuter Clinic Scheduling​

Spay and Neuter Clinic Scheduling

Are you a high volume spay and neuter clinic?

We know the complexities associated with scheduling these surgeries and handling capacity issues as it relates to different sizes, sexes, and species of animals.

Next In Line has built a robust, rules-based scheduling system that reduces the burden on your staff and clients. Through our system, you can set different limits on certain days to schedule animals smartly and easily for their surgeries.

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Walk-in and Urgent Care Clinic Check In Management

Do you not require clients to have an appointment or do you operate on a walk-in basis?

Through Next In Line’s ‘online check-in’ feature, pet parents can see their estimated wait time at your clinic and pre-register online to reserve a spot in line. This helps clients avoid frustrations and long wait times, keeps your lobby from being over-populated, and captures the clients’ information before they arrive so you don’t have to manually gather it in the clinic.

Urgent Care Clinic