Next In Line does more than just fill last minute appointments

 We can customize Next In Line to match YOUR needs with many added features and integrations.

Get to know Next In Line a little better.


We have the ability to brand Next In Line as your own. We customize it with your office’s name, logo, and information. You even get your own landing page where your clients can see what openings you have.


As part of our integration, we provide you the ability to do all your scheduling with Next In Line. There’s no need to worry about running two separate programs, because we do it all!


Clients usually need little reminders before scheduled appointments. It helps them remember and helps you reduce the amount of no-shows and cancellations. We provide that service too! You can read more about ways to keep your books full here.

Online Booking

If your clients want the option to look online for open appointments, that is our specialty. You can embed a button that gives them the choice to book now. They will be brought to your Next In Line website and they can view all the open appointments and immediately book them. Anytime you post a new opening, your client waitlist will be alerted via text message. It’s the easiest way to fill last minute appointments.

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