What if there was a way to reduce the burden on staff and clients when it comes to scheduling route appointments? Moreover, what you could keep your hospital’s appointment calendar booked with minimal effort, while automating the client registration process?

Clients don’t always have time to spend to call your hospital during business, or will be thinking of their pets late at night when they are relaxing in front of the TV. For those clients, it’s important to be available to them when they need you, even if you are closed for the day.

Next In Line helps solve all of these issues via a real-time, online booking platform for veterinarians.

Through this partnership, Next In Line will have real-time access to provider schedules and practice data in Vetter.

This access, combined with Next In Line’s ability to tailor our solution to each practice, will help automate the client scheduling process and keep the appointment calendars full for clinics. When a practice enables this integration, their clients will be able to schedule their own appointments, in real-time, as well as get notified of sooner appointments.

While Next In Line was initially founded to help medical practices fill last minute cancellations, last minute openings occur in veterinary practices too. Whether a client cancels right before their appointment, or a vet finishes a surgery early and now has an open schedule, our virtual waitlist will help practices get other pets into that open slot. This captures lost revenue for the practice, while helping pets get in sooner for the care they need.

Sagi Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Vetter Software, had this to say about our partnership: “I’m thrilled to partner with Next In Line. Vetter’s cloud practice management software and Next In Line’s scheduling and virtual waitlist solutions are perfect compliments in terms of providing more ways for veterinary practices to increase revenue through technology and automation. I look forward to introducing our combined solution to veterinary practices throughout the world.”

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