Online scheduling software brings many benefits to the operation of a veterinary practice. Not only can it increase revenue and reduce employee workloads, but it can also deliver a better experience to your clients. And in today’s economy, providing an enhanced customer experience is the key to maintaining a competitive edge.

With Next In Line, you get so much more than a general online scheduling software. You get a web-based application that appeals to your clients and streamlines all of your operations. For now, let’s explore how Next In Line can take you to the next level of success with its online check-in feature.

What Is Online Check-In?

When you’re on the way to the airport, you can easily use your airline’s neat online check-in feature to skip the process of checking in at the airport. In doing this, you are able to save yourself time and avoid the hassle of standing in line. Doesn’t it make sense to offer this same time-saving feature to your clients?

With online check-in, your patients can alert you they are in the office with their furry ball of fur waiting to be seen or they are on their way and plan to attend their appointment.

If you happen to operate a veterinary clinic that provides walk-in and emergency services, online check-in becomes all the more advantageous. You’ll be able to see how many people are on their way for a walk-in appointment, which easily allows you to fit them into time slots that complement your existing schedule.

And since no two veterinary clinics are exactly the same, it makes sense that you be able to provide your clients with a check-in process that is customized to your practice. With Next In Line, you get to take advantage of various customization levels that easily allow you to tailor the check-in process to meet the needs of both your practice and your clients.

How Does Online Check-In Save Time?

With Next In Line’s online check-in feature, your front office personnel will spend less time managing appointments. This allows them to devote their time to other pertinent tasks that are core to your operational success.

And from the viewpoint of a client, being able to check-in online saves time because they no longer have to spend time making a phone call to your office. Instead, they can simply go online, complete the check-in and be on their way to the appointment. More so, they don’t have to worry about being put on hold, which only aggravates the client and causes them to become frustrated with your office.

Let’s say your veterinary office spends, on average, four minutes per client each day booking an appointment, with a total of 20 clients calling to schedule an appointment. That’s 80 minutes of your front office’s time that is being spent on the phone. If this time could be devoted toward other tasks, imagine how much smoother your operations would flow.

With Next In Line, you remove the headache of having to handle on-the-phone bookings. And even if only 50% of your clients use the online check-in feature, this still saves you a total of 40 minutes each day. That’s almost an hour of time that can be directed toward other tasks.

Next In Line Takes You to the Next Level of Success With Online Check-In

HIPPA Compliance and Accuracy Advantages

Two other advantages that are gained when using Next In Line relate to HIPPA compliance and accuracy of patient check-in times. When you leave a paper sign-in sheet out in the open, this reveals client names and even though HIPPA laws do not apply to animals, there are still some states that have specific laws in place that don’t allow names and personal information of the pet owner to be revealed. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to opt for a digital check-in method rather than a paper form.

In regard to time accuracy, you want to make sure your clients and their furry friends are served according to the time they checked in. When clients are given the opportunity to check-in on a paper form, there is always the chance they could write down the wrong time either intentionally or unintentionally. With an electronic online check-in, however, digital time stamps are provided to the front office personnel giving them an exact time of check-in for each client.

Better Care for Your Client’s Pets

Did you know that clients have about 18 seconds to divulge any information they need to explain to the vet before the appointment starts progressing to the next phase? And even though the ultimate goal is to diagnose and treat and move on to the next animal patient, it is vital that each client is given a reasonable amount of time to explain any concerns they may have. With Next In Line, patient-provider communication is enhanced. Clients can reveal any relevant information they want to share during the online check-in process, which enables the veterinarian to be more aware of what’s actually going on with the animal patient before the appointment even begins; this leads to better care for all of the pets you treat.

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