Real-time online booking for medical and veterinary practices

Next In Line's real-time online booking platform helps automate the client scheduling, registration, and intake process for your practice, saving you time and money.

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Why Next In Line?

Next In Line is an extension of your staff, offering flexible online scheduling, a virtual wait-list, and custom reminders designed to alleviate stress and let you and your staff get back to doing what they enjoy doing —providing patients with the best care and experience possible.

Next In Line helps you:

  • generate more revenue
  • save staff hours per week
  • reduce the number of empty appointment slots
  • reduce manual data entry for staff


With Next In Line you can:

  • keep your front desk open 24/7
  • control the open appointments client see
  • send custom confirmation and reminder messages
  • brand everything to your practice
  • and more! 

"Next In Line has been fantastic. We used to only have 4% of our clients using our client portal to request appointments. That number skyrocketed to 30% in six months with Next In Line. Their platform has made things easier on our staff and clients. I'd highly recommend them."

- Multi-Practice Owner


Ready to see Next In Line in action?

Do you want to see what a real-time online scheduler looks like? Take a look at one of our clients to see how it fits nicely on your website, is easy to use, and can appeal to your clients.

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