What is Next In Line?

Next In Line provides technology solutions to make your practice even more efficient and profitable. Our main solution is a real-time, online booking widget through which your clients can schedule, not just 'request' services with you. We also provide a robust system for appointment confirmations and reminders, via text and email. Finally, we have a 'virtual waitlist' for those busy practices, where clients can go on the waitlist to be notified of any last minute openings or cancelled appointments. 


Will Next In Line integrate with my practice management software?

Next In Line can be used as a standalone system, especially for smaller and individual practices. If you are already using a practice management system, our service currently integrate with some, but not all of those. To find out if we work with the system your practice uses, please contact us

We already use an 'Appointment Request'. How is Next In Line different?

This is one question we receive a lot. It's easy to think those systems provide online scheduling. Check out our blog that discusses the differences in depth. When a client fills out a contact or appointment request form, this just sends an email to your staff. After that, they have to:

  1. Call that patient back
  2. Gather all of the client/patient information
  3. Manually enter that information into your practice management system
  4. Go back and forth with the client to find an open date & time that works for him/her
  5. Add the client to your calendar manually


The above could take as long as 10 minutes, in some cases, and multiple phone calls if the client is unavailable. Using a system like Next In Line removes all of those steps to save your staff and clients significant time. Our goal is to streamline this process to make everyone's life easier. 


Won't this lead to double bookings?

Not at all! Because our system is in real-time, we know the instant an open time slot gets filled, whether it was done online via Next In Line or in your clinic. As soon as this happens, our system no longer shows that appointment slot as opened, ensuring there are no double bookings for you!


Is this only for existing clients that have visited our practice?

Not necessarily. Next In Line allows you to choose if you want new clients to be able to book online, or just existing clients. If you elect to have new clients book online, then you are also able to filter the services by client status. For example, you can limit new clients to only booking a 'new client' exam and saving the other services for existing clients, if you wish. 


We have appointments that clients must book over the phone (eg surgeries). How do we control that?

Through Next In Line, you have total control over the types of appointments that are available for clients to book. You can have as few as one service listed, or as many as you like. This allows clients to book routine services, while keeping more complex ones for staff to book over the phone. With fewer calls for routine appointments, staff will be less rushed when handling these complex cases. 


We already have a reminder system, what is different about Next In Line?

Most reminder systems only have one generic template that incorporates all service types in one message. With Next In Line, we enable you to customize the template per appointment type. This allows you to send short, concise, and specific instructions to clients, rather than having them read through a long message. 

Additionally, a client has the ability to confirm or reschedule their appointment via our messages. If they confirm the appointment, this updates the status in your practice management system to 'confirmed', saving your staff from having to call that client. If the appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled, we make the necessary changes in your system as well. 


How does the virtual waitlist work?

If your practice is busy to where clients are waiting a few days, weeks, or even months for an appointment, then our waitlist is perfect for you! Clients simply enter their email address and phone number to be put on the waitlist. If your practice has another client cancel an appointment or any appointment slot becomes open, those on the waitlist will receive an instant text & email notification notifying them of this opening. They can then book that appointment on a first come, first served basis.