Doggedly simple yet laboriously complex

DataSuite empowers animal service providers and industry technology vendors to harness the full potential of their data. 

For providers, our consulting experts can help elevate your practice to new levels. 

For technology vendors seeking to empower the animal service industry, our years of experience in navigating virtually every Practice Management System can help put the finishing touches on your product to allow it to provide the solution for which it was built.


Who we serve:

Solutions provided:

Animal and pet care providers have specific needs and their services are managed through a wide variety of technology systems. Next In Line has years of experience navigating this ever-changing and very fragmented landscape, exclusively focused on the animal industry. We work for providers and vendors who are just starting their digital exploration journey as a trusted consultant. We also work with providers with advanced tech stacks who are looking for greater practice insights and for vendors looking for assistance to cross the finish line. We invite you to reach out to learn more, as we likely have the consulting expertise or technological know-how to address the questions you cannot get answered.