Urgent care centers are rapidly growing in popularity throughout the United States, and there is no sign of the spread slowing down any time soon. Between 2007 and 2016, the number of private insurance claims for urgent care facilities increased 1,725%. In the same period, emergency room claims grew a comparatively low 229%.

It’s clear that urgent care is something that patients desire, so what can private practices learn from the appeal of this different healthcare setting?

4 Things Private Healthcare Practices Can Learn from Urgent Care Centers

  1. More Availability: Urgent care facilities have grown, in part, because the doors are open when traditional practices are closed. The majority of urgent care centers are open after 5:00 PM and on weekends. Many patients cannot take time off of work to have ailments treated, making urgent care centers an appealing alternative. Instead of asking patients to adjust work hours, emergency centers adjust opening hours.
  2. Catering to Patients in the Waiting Room: Many urgent care centers carefully design waiting rooms to provide an inviting patient experience. From complimentary coffee to free Wi-Fi, these clinics focus on what patients want. Many clinics also accept numerous payment methods including online billing, credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal.
  3. Efficient Workflows: Urgent care centers are filled with staff who each serve specific roles that benefit patients and each other. Automating basic office tasks allows staff members to focus on providing the best care possible, not just checking in patients.
  4. Transparent Pricing: Do your patients know the cost of the services that your practice provides? The layers of infrastructure between the actual service delivered and the associated payment create a great deal of patient confusion. Patients appreciate that urgent care centers have up-front costs, like $25 for a flu shot or an X-ray for $150.

Helping Private Healthcare Practices Cater to Patients

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