Maybe you’re ready to take your veterinary clinic to the next level with Next In Line’s customizable veterinary scheduling software… but you’re scared that your clients won’t be on board. After all, if clients won’t use it, what’s the point? Never fear!

Here are some tips to help you talk to your clients about booking veterinary appointments online.

1. Start with Trust

Clients come to you because you’ve earned their trust through the expert care you’ve provided to their pets. Leverage that trust when encouraging clients to go online to book their appointments; it’s easy to do with the convenience Next In Line offers! Emphasizing the importance of routine care can be a good way to start the conversation. Preventative care is essential for their pet’s health; automatic appointment reminders and 24/7 online access to your clinic’s schedule make booking routine vet appointments easier than ever.

2. Spread the Word

In that vein, make sure that every member of you staff – veterinarians, technicians, receptionists, assistants, kennel attendants, etc. – talks up the awesome benefits clients will enjoy thanks to Next In Line. Plan ahead and let everyone in your practice know when you plan to roll out the software. Next In Line integrates seamlessly with many practice management systems, and also works as a standalone system. Either way, you’ll have the advantage of real-time online booking technology in no time!You can also spread the word by including a reminder to try booking appointments online at the bottom of invoices, as a message on the clinic’s voicemail or hold message, and of course through your clinic’s website and social media.

3. Flip the Script

It may be hard to believe, but even a challenging client interaction can be a great opportunity. Let’s say a client is frustrated that there are no appointments available right away – tell them about Next In Line’s virtual waitlist feature, which automatically sends notifications of last minute openings. Perhaps a client left a terse voicemail because she is too busy to call during business hours. Imagine her relief when you tell her that Next In Line brings your clinic’s front desk to her, 24/7, so she can skip the hassle of a phone call. Not only that, but custom email reminders and SMS texts mean she’ll never have to worry about forgetting an upcoming appointment.Turn a difficult situation around and you’ll not only retain your clients, but forever convert them to the benefits of online booking.

4. Get Everyone on Board

Encourage staff to try online booking too! Many of your staff probably bring their own pets into their clinic, so challenge everyone to try out the software at least once. Your staff will certainly appreciate how much easier veterinary scheduling software makes their jobs! Still, it’s important that they understand, from a client’s perspective, how effortless booking an appointment can be with Next In Line. This gets back to trust; team members who praise online scheduling from their personal experience are an endorsement clients will take to heart.


These are just a few ways to promote online booking, and once you’ve tried Next In Line you’ll agree that the benefits of online veterinary appointment scheduling speak for themselves.

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