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Imagine if your patients didn’t have to wait on the phone, your staff didn’t have to take time asking the same questions to the same patients every time, and you could streamline the entire scheduling process to give your patients the user experience they want and deserve!!

Next In Line is an extension of your staff, offering flexible online scheduling, a virtual wait-list, and custom reminders designed to alleviate stress and let you and your staff get back to doing what they enjoy doing —providing patients with the best care and experience possible.

Next In Line helps you:

  • generate more revenue
  • save staff hours per week
  • keep your front desk open 24/7
  • reduce the number of empty appointment slots

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Recover Lost Revenue

Our modern, virtual waitlist allows you to immediately notify patients of any last minute appointment openings, enabling them to book that empty slot. This saves staff time, while ensuring your schedules stay as full as you’d like! Practices have been able to fill last minute cancellations under 15 seconds!

Increase Practice Efficiency

Some practices spend 4-6 minutes on the phone with patients asking for demographic information, patient symptoms, and finding an appointment that works for the patient and provider. Through Next In Line, this process is reduced to under 30 seconds and frees staff to focus on other high priority tasks.

Give Patients 24/7 Access

We live in an instant gratification world, where patients expect to order or book anything online whenever they want. Next In Line enables your front desk to be open 24/7, so patients can schedule appointments when they have time! Clients of ours have had patients booking their appointments at 2 or 3am. Now you can be available when they are looking for you.

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